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GoldWave - Pobierz GoldWave, wersja 5.7

Obecnie nie dysponujemy recenzją tego oprogramowania: GoldWave, wersja 5.7 Jeśli chcesz napisać recenzję tego oprogramowania, zrób to i prześlij do nas. Bardzo chętnie ją tu umieścimy.

At its price range, GoldWave is technically the most complete and advanced audio editor available today. This utility consists of all the commonly used audio editing effects and commands and functionalities. Besides this, the utility offers exclusive built-in tools, such as a CD recorder, batch convertor/processor and several audio restoration filters that often come at an additional cost in other similar tools.
GoldWave is popular since it is engineered in an efficient way, and is also easy to apply. All of this is due to the fact that its developers have over ten years of development experience, which is further complemented by the utility’s unmatched track record.
Here are some prominent benefits of GoldWave:
• Users can play their favorite songs with ease and also view any real-time visuals. Likewise, the tool lets users listen to an audio file while they rewind or fast-forward it. Additionally, it is possible to change any track’s playback speed. This means users can listen to their favorite music in a completely different manner.
• The utility lets users record via any source that their computer supports, such as line-in or microphone. This means anyone can connect a turntable to perform the recording of LPs, any receiver to record radio, a deck of cassette to record tapes, or a microphone to record any speech, music or reports.
• GoldWave lets users easily edit audio via basic commands like Cut, Copy and Paste.
Furthermore, the utility’s quick-paced virtual editing services mean users can easily slice and dice audio files in a matter of seconds.
So, avail GoldWave now and better edit and record your audio files.


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